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Further Entry Requires Top Secret Clearance


++this journal is restricted to people I actually know

That means that I have interacted with you in one way or another online through LJ or another social media site and we've bonded over our mutual love for {insert random obsession} 

++rules of the road:

:: I don't automatically friend back. So, do not take it personally if I do not add you back within an hour or even a day
If you let me know who you are either here on this post or through a PM there's a 50/50 chance that I'll add you back. 

++ I don't add anyone under the age of 18 to my LJ
If I find out you're underage, I will defriend you, even after the fact

:: I don't share my 'real' name online anymore
However, if you do know my real name, do not share it publicly anywhere, please

++ If you must call me anything then Ebil or Ebil One works just fine
I will also answer Ebil Mutant Math Teacher or Math Ninja Extraordinaire

:: I no longer participate in fandom so do not bother friending me for that purpose alone
You can still find my stories online, but I can't guarantee they won't be deleted in the future

++ If I de-friend you don't take it personally.
But if I do de-friend you, then more likely than not {approx. 99% of the time} you stopped updating your LJ
Not cool, bro!

You can also 'friend' me @ these social media sites:

[ profile] ebilgatoloco || [ profile] ebilgatoloco || [ profile] ebilgatoloco || ebilgatoloco || [personal profile] ebilgatoloco

Keep in mind that I am mostly active on LJ, and I go through spurts of activity elsewhere so don't expect much

++ Ebil One ::